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Sewer Repair and Install in Indianapolis, Indiana

Sewer Repair and Install

Sewer Repair

Many people do not think about their sewer lines. However, if a line breaks you will think of almost nothing else. We provide repairs to your sewage lines quickly when you are in need to help give you peace of mind.

Video Inspection

Tree roots, debris and grease are just a few reasons why a sewer line may not be performing at its best. Knox Septic & Sewer Service provides video inspections for fast, efficient and top-quality maintenance of your sewer lines. If your lines are not operating at their full capacity, contact Knox Septic & Sewer Service today for a video inspection.

All Your Repair Needs

Whether your sewer lines need de-rooting, unclogging or other repairs, Knox Septic & Sewer Service is here for you. We combine the experience and knowledge of more than 70 years with new, cutting-edge technology. Call Knox Septic & Sewer Service today to schedule an appointment or learn more about sewer line repairs.

Sewer Installation

If you are building a home or are trying to bypass a septic tank, you need a sewer installation. The team at Knox Septic & Sewer Service is prepared to make this installation simple for you with fast turnaround times. 

Free Estimate

We know that sewer installations can be expensive and that you need time to prepare. That’s why Knox Septic & Sewer Service provides a free estimate for sewer installation. We make it easy for you to be prepared for this service. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Hire the Experts

There is a lot that goes into sewer line installation. From knowing the proper slope to uniformly compacting the soil, our team is known for its knowledge and expertise. If you are trying to install a new sewer line or a line to bypass a septic tank, trust the experts at Knox Septic & Sewer Service.