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Thorough Septic Tank Cleaning in Indianapolis, Indiana

Septic Tank

About Your Septic Tank

Unlike a sewer system where waste runs into a central drainage system maintained by others, your septic tank is individual to your property. The wastewater that enters your septic tank naturally divides into three parts. The solid waste sinks to the bottom, where it is broken down into sludge. The middle layer is mostly water, and oils float to the top of the tank.

What Is a Septic Tank Cleaning?

While your septic tank naturally drains its water level, it does not drain the sludge or scum levels. When Knox Septic & Sewer Service cleans your septic tank, we remove the water and compacted sludge from your tank safely. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

Cleaning Versus Pumping

Septic tank cleaning and septic tank pumping are often thought of as the same thing. However, only liquids are removed during a septic tank pumping, while a septic tank cleaning removes the sludge, scum and liquids. This small difference can greatly impact the performance of your tank.

The Importance of Septic Tank Pumping

Your septic system requires regular maintenance to keep running at its best. In addition, removing this waste on a regular basis helps to keep bacteria from contaminating your groundwater and causing health problems for your family, pets, livestock or garden. If your septic tank has not been cleaned in over three years, call Knox Septic & Sewer Services today for an appointment.

Why Get a Professional?

While it is possible to pump your own septic tank, the best option is to hire a professional. We have the ability to store, transport and dispose of the sludge in compliance with important safety procedures and regulations. We also provide the right tools and more than 70 years of experience to make the cleaning process simple and efficient.

Saving You Money

The cost to maintain your septic system is less than other alternatives. City sewers in Indiana cost an average of $500 per year. If you don’t maintain your system, you run the risks of harming your septic system. Repairing a septic tank costs more than $5,000 as a national average. Save yourself money by cleaning your septic tank today.