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Septic System Installation and Repair in Indianapolis, Indiana

Septic Tank Installation

Septic System Installation

Septic system installation is a large project, but one we can handle well. We begin by performing a site survey and soil test. At this point, we also provide you with a free estimate for the cost of your system. Once the proper permits are in place, we continue by excavating an area of your land for your system. Finally, we install the system and confirm that it works. Our team works hard and efficiently to provide you with your new septic tank as quickly as possible.

Parts of a Septic System

A typical septic system has four main components. A pipe from the home carries wastewater from your toilets, sink drains, washing machines and showers to the septic tank. The septic tank itself is a buried, watertight container that allows wastewater to divide and solid materials to decompose. From there, the wastewater exits the tank and is discharged into the drainfield. It then filters through the soil where bacteria, viruses and nutrients are removed.

Knox Septic & Sewer Service as a Leader

In addition to having more than 70 years of experience, Knox Septic & Sewer Service is a leader in septic installations. Our team is knowledgeable about septic tank care and the best practices to keep you and your family healthy. We also offer free estimates for the installation process as well as fast and efficient service. We provide high-quality services and septic system parts. Contact Knox Septic & Sewer Service today for more information on your septic installation.

Septic System Repairs

Replacing your septic system can be expensive and time-consuming. Knox Septic & Sewer Service offers repair services to help you save money and time. Contact our office today to learn more about septic repairs or to hear a professional opinion on whether you need repairs or replacement. Don’t let a broken septic system impact your day; call Knox Septic & Sewer Service now.

Diagnosing the Problem

If your septic system stops working or is acting abnormally, contact Knox Septic & Sewer Service. Our professionals understand the ins and outs of septic systems and are prepared to diagnose your issue. Call us at the first sign of trouble so you don’t deal with a backflow or other serious and expensive problems.

Repairing the System

We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to repair your septic service. Whether your septic tank needs bacteria replacement to help it break down solid waste, you have a broken pipe or anything in between, we are the right professionals for the job. Contact Knox Septic & Sewer Service today to schedule your repair service.