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Sanitary Sewer Pumps in Indianapolis, Indiana

Sanitary Sewer Pumps

Sanitary Sewers

Sewers can be classified into two types: sanitary and storm. While many people assume that these sewers go to the same wastewater treatment plant, these two sewers have different pipelines. A sanitary sewer is the system of pipes that carries wastewater from inside your home to a wastewater treatment plant to be filtered, treated and discharged.

Sanitary Pumps

Sanitary pumps bring solutions that must be processed to cleanliness standards. To meet these regulatory requirements, these pumps eliminate bacteria growth. These are used in sanitary sewers to ensure the sewage is removed from your home and carried to the treatment plant. Call Knox Septic & Sewer Service for more information on sanitary pumps.

Why Do I Need a Sanitary Sewer Pump?

While many sewer lines use gravity to remove sewage from your home, pumps are becoming more frequent. Gravity sewer systems require large mains that are installed in deep trenches. However, unlike these gravity systems, sanitary sewer pumps can provide huge savings by following the contour of the land and being as small as two inches in diameter. Contact Knox Septic & Sewer Service to see how sanitary sewer pumps can save you money today.